Zayn Malik drops epic Sia collaboration Dust Till Dawn

Zayn Malik drops epic Sia collaboration Dust Till Dawn

ZAYN Malik has proved yet again he is one of the most talented singers to ever come out of The X Factor.


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The star has released his brand new single Dust Till Dawn.

Teaming up with Sia for the track, Zayn shows off his impressive vocal range as he croons over the melodic song.


Chatting on Beats 1 about the collaboration, the former One Direction star said: “It was amazing.

“I wrote the song with not a lot in mind to be honest but it was played to Sia and she liked it.


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“She added another melody on it and she just took it to another level and then we decided it was a good thing to work together.”

Admitting he didn’t have time to actually meet the Aussie talent face-to-face, Zayn continued: “We didn’t go into the studio, we spoke via management.

“She did it really quick.

“I would love to do something with her in the studio in the future, that would be really cool.”


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“I am excited about this record, I think it is an evolution in sound”


Zayn’s second album is expected to drop before the end of the year after a secretive recording process.

“I am excited about this record,” the star spilled.

“I think it is an evolution in sound. It is still me, it has just evolved a bit, it’s just grown up.

Dusk Till Dawn Artwork

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“It has more of an identity to it, so it’s good.”

Hinting that fans will get even more music sooner than expected, Gigi Hadid’s fella added: “The next few singles will be coming pretty soon and then the album should be following shortly after.

“It was fun making the record.

Zayn Dusk Till Dawn video

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“I have had the chance to work with a lot of people that I wanted to work with.

“I am keeping exactly who I have worked with to myself but I can say there are some big people on there and there are some people that people may not expect me to collaborate with.”