X Factor winner already picked in shock reveal?

IS this the winner of X Factor 2017?

Kevin Davy White turned heads when he bounded into the audition room with his guitar in tow.

The French singer – who moved from Paris to London over a year ago – gave up his day job to work on securing a career in the music biz.

And X Factor viewers are convinced that 29-years-old Kevin has already won the 2017 series.

Before his show-stopping audition, Kevin confessed: “I was an electrician, but it’s not who I am.


SUCCESS STORY: Kevin gave up his job as an electrician to pursue singing

“My life was boring and that’s why I became a musician.

“I did The Voice France last year, but X Factor is a really big stage, and I want people to hear my music.”

He added: “Now I’m going to take my moment and I hope the judges will love what I’m doing.”

Unsurprisingly, Kevin wooed Simon Cowell and the gang and bagged himself a spot in the next round.


WOW: Kevin secured a place in the next round after wooing the judges


REACTIONS: Fans think Kevin has already ‘won’ the show

“”I did The Voice France last year, but X Factor is a really big stage, and I want people to hear my music”

Kevin Davy White

But fans of the ITV talent show at home are already thinking he’s stolen the competition.

One person tweeted: “That French guy Kevin is going to win X Factor. No need to watch it anymore.”

“This Kevin guy is too good for the X Factor,” said another.

A third beamed: “This Kevin lad on X Factor is one of if not the best vocalist I’ve seen on any talent show, I went off them for years but I love the man.”

“Whether you’re a fan of X Factor or not, Kevin Davy White is an absolutely amazing talent. Want him to win already,” continued one.

X Factor judge Simon Cowell


EXPLOSIVE: The 2017 series has been extremely dramatic

The brand new series of X Factor only got under way last week and it’s already been one of the most explosive to date.

Hopeful Aidan Martin was exposed as a former fraudster who used an England player’s credit card in a restaurant, while there were worries host Dermot O’Leary would be replaced.

X Factor continues tomorrow night at 8pm on ITV.