X Factor SHOCK as Olympic Medallist auditions: ‘Stick to what you’re good at’

X Factor SHOCK as Olympic Medallist auditions: ‘Stick to what you’re good at’

OLYMPIC athlete Louis Smith auditioned for the X Factor – and was immediately dismissed by Simon Cowell.

Back before he showed off his gymnastic prowess on the pommel horse, the 28-year-old decided to give the opportunity to be an international recording artist a go in the 2008 series.

Taking to the stage in front of Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh and the artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole, a short-haired Louis belted out a very off-key version East 17’s If You Ever’ in the arena auditions.

But the multi-talented Louis, who was runner-up on Channel 4’s The Jump and winner of Strictly Come Dancing, found singing was not his strong suit.

Cheryl told the future Olympic medallist: “I think you’re a really nice guy, I think you look great, but I think you should come back after 2012.”

Louis Smith on the X Factor

BELTER: But Louis wasn’t much of a singer

“Is it worth coming back?” he asked.

But while Cheryl wanted to give Louis a chance post-2012, Simon was quicker to condemn the singing hopeful.

“No, Louis, it’s not,” he said bluntly. “Your voice isn’t good enough, and I don’t think it will ever be good enough.

“I’d say just stick to do what you’re brilliant at doing.


UNIMPRESSED: Simon wasn’t too pleased


GUTTED: Louis was turned down by Simon

“For you to achieve what you’ve achieved at your age is incredible. I’m giving you an opinion, good luck for 2012.”

Of course, we all know Louis went on to smash the Olympics by scoring one bronze and one silver model at the London Olympics.

But imagine what could have been if Louis was the 2008 X Factor champion?

The X Factor starts on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd at 8pm on ITV.