X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger shocks with OUTRAGEOUS compliment: ‘Never say that again’

X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger shocks with OUTRAGEOUS compliment: ‘Never say that again’

NICOLE Scherzinger stunned X Factor viewers with her choice of language on Saturday’s show.

The former Pussycat Dolls star was on her usually spontaneous form as she coined a whole new phrase we’ve never heard of.


After the first act, a boyband, impressed with their own original song, it was time for the judges to give their verdict.

And it was a thumbs up from them, as Simon Cowell gave his approval to the four guys

He told them: “We haven’t had a good group on here since Little Mix were on the show.

X Factor 2017 Nicole Scherzinger

ODD: Fans weren’t sure about Nicole using the word ‘gorgina’

X Factor 2017 Simon Cowell

STUNNED: Simon seemed taken aback by the word

“Gorgina?!?! Never say that again Nicole”

Twitter user

“Maybe it could be you.”

Meanwhile, Louis Walsh added: “I thought you guys were really good, it was different.”

However, Nicole went for a different kind of commendation.

She told them: “I like you guys. You’re gorgina… for sure.”

X Factor 2017 Twitter comments

HILARIOUS: Fans took online to air their views

If you’re not sure how to read that, it rhymes with a part of the woman’s anatomy.

Simon seemed shocked by the phrase, screwing his face up and exclaiming: “What?”

Fans were also just as stunned.

One said: “Nicole just said gorging. That cannot become a thing.”

X Factor 2017 contestants

IMPRESSIVE: The boyband got the thumbs up from the judges

While another added: “Gorgina?!?! Never say that again Nicole.”

A third simple commented: “Gorgina,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Whatever will she come up with next?