Watch the awkward moment a Sky News reporter has meltdown live on air

SKY News descended into chaos today after a journalist fluffed his lines.

Sky News reporter Jon Craig was halfway through a live link from the studio about Brexit when he struggled to get his words out.

He said: “Theresa May and David Davis are pleading with opponents of Brexit to back the legislation being debated by MPs today…are pulling the European Union.”

Poor Jon realised his gaffe immediately, and it hit him very hard.

Jon Craig on Sky News

BREXIT REPORTING: Jon was doing a report on ongoing Brexit negotiations

He was seen saying “oh god” over and over as he put his head in his hands.

The reporter failed to recover from his blunder and producers were forced to intervene.

The news anchor quickly appeared on the screen and said to viewers: “We’ll go back to Jon Craig as soon as soon as we’ve sorted the issues there.”

Jon Craig on Sky News

MELTDOWN: Jon seemed to be very cross at himself for his blunder

Jon Craig on Sky News

STEPPING IN: The camera quickly returned to the studio as Jon couldn’t recover

Viewers of the incident quickly took to social media to have a laugh about Jon’s blunder.

One suggested that Jon “didn’t know that he was live”.

Another offered their support for Jon, saying that he had “had a bad day at the office”.

Jon Craig on Sky News

TOO MUCH: Jon is no stranger to making a mistake on air

This isn’t the first time Jon has slipped up on air.

He infamously got his letters mixed up as he spoke to former Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt on air, addressing him by a swear word that rhymes with his last name.

Poor Jon also got caught swearing outside Big Ben earlier this year.