Trisha Paytas makes explosive ‘fix’ claims as Sarah Harding wins Celebrity Big Brother

TRISHA Paytas has claimed Celebrity Big Brother is “rigged” after Sarah Harding won.

The YouTube sensation quit the show on Day 11, just hours after Karthik Nagesan was evicted.

Since then, Trisha has made it very clear there is bad blood between her and the Channel 5 series.

She claimed she quit because of the lack of gay guys in the house, but has now gone even further in her CBB take down.

Sarah Harding/Trisha Paytas


‘RIGGED’: Trisha Paytas claims Sarah Harding got special treatment

Trisha Paytas

EARLY EXIT: Trisha quit the show on Day 11

“Sarah got a lot of special treatment in the house and she would gloat about it”

Trisha Paytas

Taking to her YouTube channel, blndsundoll4mj, Trisha said Sarah winning proves the show was “rigged”.

She said: “Why did I self-evict? Because Sarah Harding was in that f***ing house and I knew it was f***ing rigged from the beginning and a set-up.”

The 29-year-old continued: “First and foremost, Sarah got a lot of special treatment in the house and she would gloat about it.”

The blonde went as far as to imply it may have been in Sarah’s contract for her to reach the final.

Sarah Harding

CHAMP: Sarah Harding won CBB on Friday night

Trisha said: “I’d heard it was allegedly in Katie Price’s contract that she had to be a finalist, then she ended up winning, coincidentally.

“And Sarah Harding would gloat from day one about how the show’s been begging her [to go on].”

She revealed Sarah got “special treatment”, which included a reserved bed and having certain aspects of the footage never making the final cut.

Trisha Paytas

RANT: Trisha Paytas took to YouTube to update her subscribers

Trisha explained that conversations wouldn’t be aired, with Sarah reportedly saying: “They can’t show that, I found a loophole.”

As her rant went on, Trisha added: “Gloves off, I’m never going back on that show, but I would have won if it wasn’t rigged.

“I’m not saying that conceitedly, but I’ve seen the polls and I’ve seen what’s trending. I would’ve won if it was real, but it isn’t.”

A representative for Celebrity Big Brother had no comment when contacted by Daily Star Online.