The Walking Dead set to introduce killer new female character?

The Walking Dead set to introduce killer new female character?

THE Walking Dead season eight is just weeks away.

The Walking Dead


FUTURE: Could The Princess be introduced on the TV show?

It was revealed the show’s 100th episode and season eight premiere will air on October 23 in the UK.

There has been a lot of speculation about a possible time jump due to the trailer featuring a clip of an aged Rick Grimes.

The time hop happened in the comics on which the TV series is based, so fans are expecting it to happen.

With that in mind, could a brand new badass female character be set to meet the survivors?

The Walking Dead issue 171

INTRODUCING: The Princess makes her debut in issue 171

In the latest issue of The Walking Dead comic, created by Robert Kirkman, a new character called The Princess is introduced.

She’s a perfect mixture of hyper-feminine and fierce, seen on the cover with wild purple hair, a fluffy pink jacket and a huge machine gun.

The Princess is the only living survivor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and comes up against Michonne and her gang.

The Walking Dead

BADASS FEMALES: Michonne comes across The Princess in the comics

The newbie’s real name is Jaunita Sanchez, a Mexican-American, and The Princess of Pittsburgh.

Her debut issue sees her talking – a lot – and it seems she could be a polarising character.

But fans hoping to see her on the show will have a long time to wait, considering the speed at which the show is following the comic’s story.

The Walking Dead

CATCHING UP: The war between Rick and Negan spans comic issues 115 to 126

In the comics, the all out war between Rick and Negan happens starting in issue 115, continuing until issue 126.

That means there are probably a fair few seasons to go until the possible sighting of The Princess, no matter how much fun she’d add with her kookiness.

The Walking Dead season eight debuts on October 23 on Fox UK.