Susanna Reid’s sizzling outfit slammed – can you guess why?

SUSANNA Reid seriously angered Good Morning Britain fans with her latest sexy wardrobe stunt.

The 42-year-old sparked mass confusion yesterday when she asked fans to guess what pattern was printed onto her dress, and today she’s ignited new fashion uproar.

Susanna spiced things up and swapped her usual frock and heels for a funky shirt and skirt ensemble – what’s not to love, right?

But just moments after sharing her daily outfit snap with her Twitter followers, Susanna was slapped in the face with bucketload of critical remarks.

Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard

THE PIC IN QUESTION: Ben Shephard featured in Sus’s snap

The issue didn’t appear to be Susanna’s garments, though…

As she posed for the camera to flaunt her Thursday style with her hand sultrily placed on her hip, Ben Shephard ended up gatecrashing the pic.

Fans kicked off on Susanna’s social media feeds when they saw that she didn’t have the limelight to herself and had no problem in informing the telly babe that they’d rather have Ben edited out.


REACTIONS: Fans weren’t impressed with Ben’s appearance

Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain


SHOCKER: Susanna’s snap was slammed on Twitter

“Can you remove the grumpy bloke from the pic please Susanna?”


One person begged: “Can you remove the grumpy bloke from the pic please Susanna?”

“He looks like one of those people you avoid on public transport ‘why do they always sit near me??!'” slammed another.

A third wrote: “He’s looking mean and moody!

“Jeepers, Shephard looks like he hasn’t slept since playing on my sacred football pitch,” added another.

Susanna Reid

BRAINTEASER: Susanna asked fans to guess what pattern was printed on her frock

Maybe fans were holding a grudge over Ben for bragging about having a ‘threesome’ with Susanna and Kate Garraway?

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