See AWKS moment Cheryl shuns Sarah Harding as Girls Aloud are formed

See AWKS moment Cheryl shuns Sarah Harding as Girls Aloud are formed

SARAH Harding has been ruffling feathers in Celebrity Big Brother since the nanosecond she arrived, and it seems that may’ve been the case in Girls Aloud too.

Daily Star Online have tracked down the life-changing moment she was announced as the fifth and final member of the group, beating Javine Hylton.

And if looks could kill, then Big Brother star Sarah would be six feet under.


Our throwback video shows the moment Davina McCall revealed Sarah had won the viewer phone-in vote on reality show Popstars: The Rivals.

As Sarah bursts into tears, Davina tells her to go and join her bandmates, where not one of them made the effort to get up from their stool and give her a hug.

While you could argue it was pressure of live TV, or the lasses had been instructed not to move, it was only minutes earlier that Cheryl Tweedy, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts had all been locked in multiple embraces as each new member was unveiled.

sarah harding joins girls aloud and cheryl cole not impressed


IF LOOKS COULD KILL: Moment Sarah Harding joins Girls Aloud – and Cheryl is not impressed

The clip, dating back to 2002, sees aspiring star Chezza declared at the first member of the band.

Elated by the bombshell, the excited Geordie hugs Javine before going over to Davina – completely blanking Sarah in the process.

Next up was Nicola, who wept into Davina’s shoulder before going over to join Cheryl where she was greeted with a big squeeze.

Nadine was third, cuddling Kimberley who was still waiting to hear her fate, before walking away from Sarah and into Davina’s arms. She then had a very cosy three-way hug with an animated Cheryl and Nicola.

Number four was Kimberley, who also had an affectionate congratulations from the host before going over to Nadine who was waiting with open arms.

sarah harding and cheryl

BEEF FROM DAY DOT? Cheryl ignored Sarah’s congratulatory hug

With an ad break, plus various Louis Walsh and Geri Halliwell ramblings eking out the suspence of who the fifth member would be, Sarah’s name was finally called.

Bursting into tears, she said her goodbyes to Javine, and was sent over to join her new family – although their reaction was frostier than Ben & Jerry’s HQ.

Not one of the future pop princesses moved to offer an olive branch of friendship, while Kimberley’s face was a picture as Sarah sat beside her.

In spite of any personality clashes the quintet may’ve had, they did go on to dominate the charts, tour worldwide, and even nab a BRIT Award.

sarah harding in big brother
CH 5

NOT IMPRESSED: Sarah suggests Cheryl stage managed her pregnancy

Though Sarah has been struggling to keep her feelings hidden while under the microscope on CBB – with last night’s episode shining a light on her thoughts about Cheryl.

Speaking to Amelia Lily about whether or not Ms Tweedy is a private person, Sarah replied: “She tries to be.”

She continued: “She just knows how to work it when she wants to, when she wants to be seen she is, and when she doesn’t, she makes sure she isn’t.

“Like with the whole baby thing. She just plans things meticulously.

“She’s savvy, I’ll give her that.”

Looks like Chezza and Liam won’t be waving their Sarah banners on final night this Friday, then?