Sarah Harding wins Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Sarah Harding wins Celebrity Big Brother 2017

CELEBRITY Big Brother 2017 is going out with a bang.


Well Sarah’s winners exit was painful to watch – so many boos.

But luckily good old Emma was there to drag her through the unimpressed bystanders. Not all heroes wear capes, right?

Sarah’s first words as this CBB series’ queen were: “I’m in shock, I can’t believe it. It’s been a bit of a tough ride.”

Sarah Harding

EMOTIONAL: Sarah was greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos as she left the compound


Girls Aloud babe Sarah has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

X Factor star Amelia Lily was announced the runner up.

Who saw that coming? 

Amelia Lily

RUNNER UP: Amelia Lily left the house in second place


Step aside Derek, because Sam has predicted who’s going to win: “No matter how much banter you bring you just can’t beat Girls Aloud.”

But real talk, Sam’s opened up about his future with Amelia Lily and it looks like a romance might be off the cards.

He revealed: “I dont think I’m ready for a relationship, I really don’t.”

We definitely didn’t see that coming…

Sam Thompson

THIRD PLACE: Sam was snubbed of first place


Sam’s just been evicted in third place.

That means it’s either Amelia Lily or Sarah to win.

Anyone else wondering why Derek can’t predict who’s going to win the final?


FOURTH PLACE: Derek followed Jemma and Chad


Derek’s out – how was he in there so long?

Also Sarah looked way too excited for him to leave chanting “D rock, D rock, D rock” as he exited the compound.

Is she okay?


Chad’s talking about Girls Aloud girlfriend Sarah Harding and their future outside of the CBB house.

But Jemma’s not having any of it and FINALLY said what we’ve all been thinking: “Hasn’t she got a boyfriend though?”

We love a good truth bomb.

Also…Chad’s face when he was shown footage of him and Sarah getting cosy in bed was priceless. Thank you Big Brother bosses. 


AWKWARD: Chad was shown footage of him and Sarah getting freaky


Emma’s funeral gown is letting her down and she had to pause Chad and Jemma’s interview to sort herself out.

She explained: “I keep fidgeting because this dress is so uncomfortable.”

We’ve all been there hun.

Jemma and Chad

JOINT EXIT: Jemma and Chad left together


Jemma Lucy and Chad Johnson have just been booted out the house together in fifth and sixth place.

The tattooed vixen’s boobs stole their grand exit and it’s a surprise they didn’t pop out of her dress altogether…

She didn’t seem too bothered by not coming in first place: “Getting to the final is winning.

“I’ve showed a different side that I’ve not shown on TV before.

Jemma Lucy and Chad

EVICTED: Jemma Lucy and Chad Johnson left the house together


Shaun Williamson is talking to Emma about his shock eviction last night – and he bought his toilet humour with him.

“It’s the first time I’ve had a bit of backdoor action,” he told Emma.

Behave, Barry.


CHEEKY: Shaun brought his toilet humour to the final


Emma Willis is dressed in black to mourn the loss of the summer series.

And she really did hit the nail on the head when reflecting on the last few weeks.

She jibed: “Dignity was lost.”

Yes it was Emma, yes it was.


MOURNING: Emma was appropriately dressed for the final


We’ve got our popcorn ready – and tissues – for an emotional farewell to the Celebrity Big Brother house for another year.

Bookies predictions: Sarah Harding will be crowned winner with Jemma Lucy and Sam Thompson following closely behind.

But could Derek Acorah could pull a Colleen Nolan?


It’s been a rollercoaster 24 days in the Borehamwood bunker to say the least.

We’ve seen Girls Aloud babe Sarah Harding confess to “rubbing” American heartthrob Chad Johnson and tattooed vixen Jemma Lucy flash her naked body to Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson…and that was all in the last 24 hours.

The Celebrity Big Brother house has been whittled down from 16 to just six celeb finalists – but who will be this year’s winner?

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