Sarah Harding hurls dig at Cheryl over ‘the whole baby thing’

Sarah Harding hurls dig at Cheryl over ‘the whole baby thing’

SARAH Harding has probably stalled any chance of a Girls Aloud reunion.

The 35-year-old singer got very emotional as she discussed the break up of her girlband on Celebrity Big Brother.


Sarah seemed close to tears as she spoke about her heyday with Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh in the Diary Room.

However, Sarah made it clear that there’s one particular bandmate she’s got an issue with.

Sarah made a dig at Chezza during a chat with Amelia Lily.

Sarah Harding in Diary Room

MEMORY LANE: Sarah became emotional as she discussed her former bandmates

The 34-year-old gave birth to her son Bear back in March and kept her pregnancy extremely private, only revealing her baby bump in her final trimester.

Amelia asked Sarah about Cheryl but the St Trinian’s actress couldn’t resist a slight jab at the star.

“She’s quite private isn’t she, Cheryl?” the X Factor babe asked.

Sarah replied: “She tries to be.

Cheryl looking shocked

SUBTLE: Sarah described Cheryl as ‘savvy’ when it came to hiding her private life

“Like with the whole baby thing. She just plans things meticulously”

Sarah Harding

“She just knows how to work it when she wants to, when she wants to be seen she is, and when she doesn’t, she makes sure she isn’t.

“Like with the whole baby thing. She just plans things meticulously.

“She’s savvy, I’ll give her that.”

Viewers immediately caught on to the subtle dig and called Sarah out on Twitter.

Girls Aloud members

BREAK UP: Girls Aloud split in 2013

“Sarah is trying her hardest to s**g off Cheryl whilst trying to look like she’s not s**gging her off,” a viewer tweeted.

Another wrote: “I bet Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola’s group chat is going mad right now.”

And one viewer added: “You can tell Sarah absolutely despises Cheryl.”

Sarah is no longer in touch with with Cheryl, Nicola or Kimberley after the band went their separate ways in 2013.

Cheryl tweets

SNEAKY: Viewers immediately noticed Sarah’s jab at Chezza

Cheryl even unfollowed Sarah on social media once it was announced she’d be entering Celebrity Big Brother.

Despite this Sarah did confess that she missed the girls.

She said in the Diary Room: “I do miss them, but we’re all grown up now.

“Most of them are getting married and having kids, which is what I want too.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.