Sarah Harding denies stealing alcohol in Celebrity Big Brother

Sarah Harding denies stealing alcohol in Celebrity Big Brother

CELEBRITY Big Brother champion Sarah Harding said accusations she was stealing booze were “codswallop.”

A number of housemates, including Ibiza Weekender star Jordan Davies, accused the Girls Aloud singer of “hiding bottles of wine” to guzzle with beau, Bachelorette star Chad Johnson.

On Bit on the Side, Jordan told host Rylan Clark: “Sarah’s lovely during the day, then she has a drink and she’s an absolute nightmare.

“Her and Chad were hiding bottles on wine. They weren’t looking after Derek or Sandi.”

But in her first interview since leaving the house, the self-confessed “ladette” slammed the claims, instead saying it was actually the younger housemates hoarding booze.


ACCUSER: Jordan Davies said Sarah stole alcohol

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BOOZING WITH BOYF?: Housemates acccused Sarah of stealing wine with Chad

“To be honest with you, that’s complete codswallop,” she said.

“I didn’t go in there to drink. I wanted people to see me as me. Some of the younger guys liked to hoard the drink under their beds.

“I actually didn’t drink that much compared to the younger ones. If you look back, you can probably see that.”

The blonde bombshell added: “In my defence, I’d like to say, one night I did take a bottle of red wine to Derek Acorah because all the kids kept taking everything and Derek didn’t even have a drink.


WINNER: Sarah doesn’t care about negative reactions

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WILD: Sarah had a boozy night in the first week

“Sometimes, none of the older guys would have a drink because the kids got there first. Just to set the record straight.”

Within the first few days, a boozy evening saw Sarah, who was known as “Hardcore Harding” in her party days, truly let her hair down by flaunting her assets in the pool. She then bit X Factor alumna and runner-up Amelia Lily on the leg.

Her erratic behaviour alerted concern from viewers and housemates alike, who thought she was too fragile to be in the CBB house.

It also saw Sarah’s popularity dip with fans, seeing Sarah booed as she left the house, despite winning the £50,000 prize for charity.

But Sarah hasn’t let herself be distracted by the haters: “I can’t take crowd boos seriously, it’s pantomime. At the end of the day, I’m not going to complain because I still won, ha.”