Sarah Harding confirms split with boyfriend and is ‘too busy’ for sex with Chad Johnson

Sarah Harding confirms split with boyfriend and is ‘too busy’ for sex with Chad Johnson

CELEBRITY Big Brother winner Sarah Harding may have got steamy in front of the cameras with Chad Johnson, but things may have cooled down since last night’s final.

In her first interview since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, the Girls Aloud singer said she hadn’t sealed the deal with the hunky Bachelorette star.

“I’ve barely seen him since last night!” she laughed when asked whether the couple, who shared many a saucy snog in the Borehamwood mansion, had finally gone the full way. “I’ve been whisked away doing lots of interviews, celebrating with my friends.

“There’s loads of time to get back together and go on proper dates together away from the cameras. There’s no rush, put it that way.”

Fans of the Channel 5 reality behemoth thought the pair may have gone further than the odd kiss while they were in the house, with several housemates asking them whether they had had sex in front of the cameras.


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The pair also sloped off to the toilet at one point, with viewers speculating they were doing more than locking lips.

But the Love Machine singer flatly denied these claims when they were put to her.

“We haven’t!” she said. “We forgot the cameras were there and we were trying to be discreet.

“We’ve got plenty of time in the future to do it, but not now, we’re too busy. We’ve both got commitments.”

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Channel 5

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And in spite of the distance, with Chad originally from Oklahoma, Sarah thinks things will work between the two of them.

“I have work in LA, and Chad has some work out here,” she explained. “If it works for [Girls Aloud bandmate] Nadine Coyle, why can’t it work for me?”

Sarah and Chad got it on in the house despite the fact Sarah had a secret boyfriend waiting for her on the outside.

She told host Emma Willis she was in “a very short-term relationship, only a matter of weeks,” before she hooked with the American reality TV star, saying her feelings for Chad “couldn’t compare” to what she previously had with Aaron Lacey.

But when asked whether she was going to speak to boyfriend Aaron about her new romance, Sarah laughed: “I obviously don’t have a boyfriend anymore,” suggesting the pair have split.