Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson to get married?

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson to get married?

CELEBRITY Big Brother star Chad Johnson says he can “see himself marrying” Sarah Harding one day.

In his first interview since exiting the house, the Bachelorette hunk gushed about his new girlfriend, the Girls Aloud singer.

“The crazy thing is that I had no plans or anything to get with Sarah,” he explained. “It just happened. It was organic.

“It’s all about what happens off-camera, and Sarah has 100% been Sarah on and off-camera.

When asked whether he could see himself marrying the star, he replied: “Yeah, I can.”


HAPPY COUPLE: The pair were all smiles at the final

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GUSHING: The pair sang each other’s praises since leaving

The pair have had a whirlwind romance, going from acquaintances to sharing a series of passionate snogs all over the CBB house.

Chad intially set his sights on Amelia Lily, before turning to Sarah.

Chad called the X Factor singer “a very sexy person” before reavowing his commitment to blonde bombshell Sarah.

Their relationship was controversial, particularly as Sarah had a boyfriend waiting for her on the outside.

And Chad seems to have very little remorse about pinching another man’s girlfriend.


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PASSION: Chad admitted he forgot about the cameras sometimes

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WANTS IT: But Sarah says they’re “too busy”

“Maybe there was a little bit of guilt, but I’m a grown man and I knew what I wanted,” Chad said simply. “It was a very short relationship, what could I do?”

The American reality TV star also came clean about how far he went with the Loving Kind singer, after viewers and housemates alike speculated the pair had had sex whilst in the Borehamwood mansion.

“Nothing actually happened,” Chad confirmed. “It was just kissing. That was it.

“There was sexual frustration, but it wasn’t that difficult [to control]. It was good to feel wanted.

“There were times you forget cameras are there, but we did 100 per cent make the connection.”


PALS: Chad seems to have patched things up with Jemma Lucy after their fights in the CBB house

However, if Chad’s hoping for a night of steamy sex with Sarah away from the cameras, he may be more than a little disappointed, as Sarah said she’s “too busy” with other commitments.

In her first interview since leaving the house, Sarah told the Daily Star Online: “We’ve got plenty of time in the future to do it, but not now, we’re too busy. We’ve both got commitments.”