Sam Thompson SLAMS CBB winner Sarah Harding

Sam Thompson SLAMS CBB winner Sarah Harding

THE Made in Chelsea star launched a scathing attack on Sarah Harding, accusing her of hoarding alcohol and slamming her as a “train wreck”.

Speaking to the Sun, the 25-year-old said: “The only person Sarah cares about is herself.

“When the store room was over and there was alcohol in there, me and Jordan Davies would calmly walk over and then I’d suddenly have an elbow in my face and it was Sarah charging over.

“She’d stampede over there with Chad Johnson and pour an enormous glass of wine.”

Sam also claimed that the Girls Aloud star enjoyed other perks in the BB house as “the big star”, with additional extras reportedly included in her contract.

SAm Thompson with Louise

SIBLINGS: Sam messes around with sister Louise

Sam Thompson CBB

OUT: Sam before appearing o the Wright Stuff

Former housemate Trisha Paytas, who slammed Sarah as “disgusting” before quitting the CBB house, has almost made similar claims about the star, saying in a YouTube video that footage of Sarah was “edited” to make her look good to viewers.

Sam added: “There were a few contract things she had that we didn’t, lots of princessy things.

“She was assigned her own bed, and get cigarettes on demand, which no-one else was allowed.

“She’d say things that were bad on her, then go up to the diary room and say ‘well, that’s not gonna get used now.’

CBB sarah cuddles Chad

PERKS: Sarah enjoyed ‘perks’ in the CBB house, claimed Sam

“I think she did it to get one up on us.”

Sarah has been spotted enjoying her romance with Bachelorette star Chad since leaving the house, with the pair spotted getting intimate on Instagram.

However, things may be looking rocky for Chad and Sarah, with the pair heard arguing in a now-deleted Instagram post.

While Sam, who has now quit Made In Chelsea, said he gives their blossoming romance “two weeks”, he himself enjoyed a blossoming romance with X Factor star Amelia Lily.

Sam Thompson with Amelia Lily
James Curley

BOOZY: Amelia and Sam enjoyed their first date out the house

The pair have since been spotted out on a boozy dinner date.

And Sam claims the blonde bombshell, who placed second, should have won the show.

“Amelia was the best person in that house,” he said. “She was a permanent force of good.”

A spokesperson for Big Brother has been contacted for comment.