Sam Thompson drops marriage bombshell after surprise reunion with ex Tiffany Watson

Sam Thompson drops marriage bombshell after surprise reunion with ex Tiffany Watson

SAM Thompson made a startling revelation after reuniting with former girlfriend Tiffany Watson.

Sam Thompson

CBB 2017: Sam Thompson dished the dirt on his love life after a shock reunion with Tiff Watson

The Chelsea boy’s love life was a hot topic on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

                                                   ** SAM THOMPSON AMELIA LILY DATE NIGHT **

After ending his three-year relationship with Tiff earlier in the summer, Sam Thompson entered the house as a single man, and it didn’t take long for him to start flirting with X Factor alum Amelia Lily.

Despite being accused of leading her on, the reality star stayed true to their date plans and took the blonde bombshell for a drink last week.

However, Sam came face-to-face with his ex Tiff at Badoo’s 90s film night in London this past weekend, and Daily Star Online was there to witness the hotly-anticipated reunion.

Making the scene all the more tense, the 25-year-old’s Made In Chelsea summer fling Mimi Bouchard was also in attendance.

Sam Thompson, Tiff Watson

AWKWARD: Exes Sam and Tiff, here in happier times, found themselves at the same event

Despite the small setting, Sam and Tiff carefully avoided having any direct contact throughout the evening.

But just how did the Thompson lad feel about sharing a room with the ex he no longer talks to?

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, the CBB finalist told us: “It is a bit awkward, no doubt about it, but Tiff’s a lovely girl.

“It almost feels night to be here at the same time tonight, because I don’t really see her anymore. She’s doing Made In Chelsea stuff and I’ve obviously been really busy.”

He added: “Even if we’re not talking, we had a three-year relationship, so it’s nice to be the same room.”

Sam Thompson, Tiff Watson

AWKWARD: Sam admitted he no longer speaks with Tiff

Despite their steely silence, Sam revealed that he called Tiff upon leaving the Channel 5 show.

“I reached out to her and we had a very brief chat, but it was nice. She said ‘well done’ to me. There’s no bad blood, at least none that I’m aware of,” the Brit lad explained.

While any hope of a romance with Tiff seems to be off the cards, Sam is focusing his efforts on his new love — Jordan Davies.

Gushing about his CBB bromance with the Ibiza Weekender party boy, the excited star said: “JAM — Jordan and Sam — is still a thing. I speak to him everyday on the phone.”

And it seems Sam’s feelings are real, as he even considered a bromance wedding whilst in the house.

 Sam Thompson, Jordan Davies

BROMANCE: Sam struck up an unlikely friendship with Ibiza Weekender Jordan

“It is a bit awkward, no doubt about it, but Tiff’s a lovely girl”

Sam on his reunion with Tiff

Admitting he was unsure of the notorious playboy when they first met, he added: “I thought I wasn’t going to like him. Then everyday, I was like ‘I love you more and more’. Then it became, ‘I could marry you.'”

It’s clear Sam and Jordan are in it for the long-run, but does he see a future with his other CBB love match?

Dishing the dirt on his current relationship with Amelia, the TV personality confessed: “Amelia’s an amazing girl — we’re in contact. As I said in the house, I’m not rushing into anything. I just broke up with my ex-girlfriend.

“We’re on WhatsApp, we’ve seen each other. She’s so great. I’ve taken her for a drink, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I was in the house.”

 Sam Thompson, Amelia Lily

BUDDING ROMANCE? Sam and Amelia enjoyed a date last week, after hitting it off in the house

Hitting back at claims he has given the singer false hope, Sam insisted: “I don’t know why everyone said I was leading her on. I just wanted to go for a drink.

“I didn’t realise it was against the rules to ask someone out for a drink.”

So will Sam and Amelia be stepping out for a second date anytime soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the TV star is keen to set the record straight on his future TV plans.

Slamming reports he’s quit Made In Chelsea, Sam insisted: “I’ll never leave the show, I love it too much. I’m just taking a break because it’s been a big summer for me. But I will be back.”