Sam Smith risks record label wrath after spilling too much album info online

Sam Smith risks record label wrath after spilling too much album info online

SAM Smith is finally back with new song Too Good At Goodbyes.

Earlier this month, the Grammy Award winner confirmed he will release his long-awaited second album this autumn.

Kicking things off with comeback single Too Good At Goodbyes, Sam promises to be more open than ever before.

Sam Smith’s weight loss has also been courting headlines this summer, during the build-up to the new songs hitting the charts.

Speaking from his London hotel room on Thursday night hours ahead of the release, Sam said: “I feel physically sick, this is very intense.

“It is a weird experience, I’m so excited to be back.

“Thank you so much for sticking around it means the world thank you.”

Sam Smith

EXCITED: Sam Smith’s new single is called Too Good At Goodbyes

Sam Smith

WORRIED: Sam is concerned about how fans will react to his new single

Sam Smith

SPILLING ALL: Sam says his record is the most personal yet

Unable to contain his excitement, the British star added: “I’m so happy to be back.

“Thank you for giving me time to write I promise it was worth the wait.”

Daily Star Online revealed in March how Sam Smith was forced into a two year hiatus by his management due to the fact his debut album In The Lonely Hour was still enjoying impressive sales around the world.

Sam Smith

SLIMMED DOWN: Sam shows off his slimline figure

Sam Smith

SUPERSTAR: Sam is one of the most successful British singers

“It is way more personal than the first album”

Sam Smith on new album

A source explained at the time: “Sam is desperate to get back out there again.

“The initial plan was for him to take just a year out as his album sales were still great overseas but then his management asked him to take another year off.

“He wasn’t keen on the idea but understood why.”

Insisting he’s been doing more than stumbling out of members clubs around the world with his time off, Sam said via Instagram Live: “I have been working hard I haven’t just been drinking and partying.”

sam Smith

WHOOPS: Sam let slip his album will have 14 tracks

He continued: “The single is called Too Good At Goodbyes.

“I think it is the right thing for you to hear first to introduce you back into the stories I am about to tell.”

Spilling details about the record, the 25-year-old added: “I pulled myself into the album.

“It is way more personal than the first in my opinion.

“I don’t know if I can say this but f*** it, there is going to be 14 songs in total on the album.”

Sam Smith

ON THE ROAD: Sam has confirmed he will go on tour

Daily Star Online exclusively revealed Sam Smith would embark on a world tour after releasing his new music in September.

“The tour is pencilled in to kick off at the start of February 2018 and will take him all over the world,” an insider explained.

“He has found it really tough being away from music and just wants to be on stage again.”

Confirming the news to his fans, Sam said: “I can’t wait to see you guys on tour either.

“It is making me emotional.

“I’ve been here in London for the last year but I promise I have been reading all your messages every day.”