Reality stars filmed themselves having sex on Snapchat at audition

ONLY In Bristol is getting more explosive by the episode.

Teaser clips from the second episode of Only In Bristol reveal that two housemates made a sex tape during the audition process of the show.

When 32 people were trying to be picked for the outrageous reality programme, Holly and Harry decided to make the most of their experience.

Porn star Matt, Kai and Kieran were seen chatting as they revealed that Holly and Harry had recorded their romp on Snapchat.

Matt Kieran and Kai on Only In Bristol

GOSSIPING: The boys revealed that Holly and Harry made a sex tape on the first night they met

Holly on Only In Bristol

HITTING BACK: Holly told the boys that it wasn’t any of their business

Kai joked to Matt: “I’ve got the video of them. Someone made a porno before you did.”

Holly later walks into the room and tells her three housemates that what happened between her and Harry is their business.

Kieran tells her: “How is it your business when you f***ed someone for an audition with 32 other people in the house?”

Holly on Only In Bristol

ARGUMENT: Kieran and Holly argued about her making the video with Harry

Holly then hit back that Kieran had been asking to come into her room the night before because she had a room to herself.

The feud ended as Holly stormed out of the room.

Daily Star Online revealed that Holly also slept with housemate Jed during their first night in the house.

Harry on Only In Bristol

LADIES MAN: Harry seems to have made an impression during his time in the house

Sofia and Louise were seen chatting about the pair, adding that they were confused because Jed had told the house that he was gay.

Only in Bristol is being released on Vimeo on 18th September.