Niall Horan confirms solo album Flicker: ‘It has been a year and a half in the making’

Niall Horan confirms solo album Flicker: ‘It has been a year and a half in the making’

NIALL Horan looks set for chart domination yet again after confirming his debut album is out in just a few weeks time.

Niall Horan

GOING SOLO: Niall Horan is currently on a intimate tour

The One Direction star revealed Flicker will be released in October during his debut solo gig in at London’s Shepard’s Bush Empire.

“I know people are coming to a gig where they know zero of the words, but I wanted to play the album Flicker to everyone before it was released,” Niall explained.


“I thought it was a different way of doing things and people seem to like it, I guess.”

The Irish lad continued: “The album will be out in October.

“I have been working on it since March 2016.

“It has been a year and a half in the making and it is finally time for people to hear it.

“All the long hours in the studio make it worthwhile when you get to do live shows.”

In June 2016, Niall Horan exclusively confirmed to Daily Star Online how he was working on his debut album.

Niall Horan

WEEKS AWAT: Niall’s album drops in October

“I’ve been in the studio writing bits and pieces,” he revealed.

“I’m just trying to keep the brain ticking over a little bit.

“It’s just for fun at the moment.

“I’ve made relationships with different writers up and down the years so I’m putting them into action now.”

Niall Horan

BIG PLANS: Niall is set to dominate the charts on his own

Chatting about how he came up with the album name during the intimate London gig, Niall continued: “Flicker is probably the most important song I have ever written.

“It means the most to me lyrically.

“When I was coming up with a title for the album it was a no-brainer.”

Niall Horan

HONEST: Niall says Flickers is his most meaningful song yet

The star added: “I was kind of in this phase where I was spending weeks and weeks on this concept and I was coming up with nothing.

“I was just sitting at home one day and put the phone on my knee and I started recording a voice note.

“It was one of those songs which just came out of me and happened.”

Meanwhile, Liam Payne also lifted the lid on his first solo offering.

Niall Horan London

STRIPPED BACK: Niall has taken a new direction with his solo music

Revealing all to Daily Star Online, Cheryl’s fella said: “It isn’t just going to be suggestive songs, there are some cuter songs on there as well, but yeah, as I grow up my fans are growing as well.

“I always say albums like Usher’s Confessions and Justin Timberlake’s Justified, I want to make that sort of an album for this generation as I don’t think anyone has done it for a little while.”

Liam Payne

SPEAKING OUT: Liam says he wants Nicki Minaj on his album

Explaining how the record is feature heavy, Liam added: “I have a song that I think Nicki Minaj could really smash.

“I think it would be really, really great – it was one of the first songs I wrote for the album actually.

“There is a little spot for her if she wants it.”