My Name Is Prince: New pop superstar’s exhibition premieres in Britain

My Name Is Prince: New pop superstar’s exhibition premieres in Britain

HE’S the wacky pop superstar whose music was loved all around the world.

Now super-fans of legendary singer and guitarist Prince can see a unique exhibition of his life’s work as it makes its world premiere in the UK.

My Name Is Prince will showcase hundreds of never before seen personal artefacts direct from Paisley Park, Prince’s famous Minnesota estate.

Tickets go on sale this Friday for the 21- day show at London’s 02 starting in October, which celebrates the work of one of pop music’s most influential artists.

“I know London was one of his favourite places”

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson

Prince famously changed his stage name to a symbol (seen here among his works) in 1993 which was also known as a love symbol, following a contract dispute with his record label.

He forever became known as the artist formerly known as Prince.

Following his untimely death last year, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson admits she is passionate about sharing her brother’s life and his legacy with the world.

Prince in concert


My Name Is Prince: New pop superstar’s exhibition premieres in Britain

She says: “We know him as a brother who became not only one of the most prolific songwriters of all time, but an entertainer and musician who was unlike any other. It’s only appropriate we share him and these amazing artefacts with the world.”

Tyka, who will be in London for the exhibition opening, reveals Britain was one of Prince’s favourite places to visit and she wanted it to be the place to open his touring exhibition.

“There are several countries that meant a lot to him and I know London was one of his favourites,” she says. “I think it’s the perfect place to start the exhibition.”

The American hitmaker sold more than 100million records worldwide before his death, aged just 57, from a tragic prescription drug overdose at his Minnesota home.

Prince's cane
John Wagner Photography

TREASURE: Fans will be able to see Prince’s original outfits

Now fans will be able to witness everything from Prince’s original stage outfits, his instruments, his handwritten notes and his awards as they leave his Paisley Park home for the first time.

Paisley Park’s director of archives, Angie Marchese, reveals: “At Paisley Park, Prince constructed and inhabited a creative reality that was unique, allowing him to fluidly develop music and artistic works spontaneously and without limitation. He envisioned Paisley Park as one day being opened to the public.

“Through this exhibition, we are expanding his dream to share with a wider audience and allow visitors to The O2 in London to experience all his greatness through the artefacts from his Paisley Park Archives.”

In particular, fans of the musical genius will get to see up close his clothing from the 1984/1985 Purple Rain tour and the 1988/1989 LoveSexy Tour.

Prince in concert

IDOL: Guitars and suits belonging to the pop and style icon will be on display

His wardrobe from the 1990 film Graffiti Bridge and his Gibson L65 guitar used when he made his national television debut on American Bandstand in 1980 as well as the Dirty Mind tour.

His diamond-studded cane, third-eye sunglasses and Raspberry Beret cloud suit will also be there. Tyka admits she’s thrilled with the selection.

“I love every item included within the exhibition, especially the cane and the glasses,” she says. “I love the guitars. I love love love the clothes, and the shoes!

“Every single piece that he keeps over the years becomes my favourite.

“That’s what we’re allowing people to do, see Prince up close. We’ve seen for years Prince on stage and on television and now we get to see him up close.

Prince cloud
John Wagner Photography

CLASSIC: The Raspberry Beret cloud suit will also be there

“This is the first time we’ve taken any items out of Paisley Park.

“When I heard about the idea I was so excited because since he’s past, people come to the house and things like that.

“But to actually be able to go where people live that maybe can’t afford to come over to Paisley Park in the States.

“I’m so excited to be able to meet the fans and share their Prince stories and give them hugs – and have a cry with them if needs be.”

Speaking about her brother, she adds: “Prince had this ability to kind of grasp you and hold you from the very first note until the last note, whether he was singing it or playing it on the piano.

“He kind of captivated you and you didn’t want to take your eyes off him.

“Prince was in touch. I know he watched the news, he’d write songs about it.

“At the end, if you listen to his music it was always about love.

“I’d love for people to take that away for us to enjoy. For us to love each other. “He even created a foundation that was called Love for One Another. Love is what we need right now.”