Macarena REVIVAL: Dua and Charli XCX set to bring back cheesy dance classic

YES it’s still the summer holidays (honest), so get ready to do the Macarena all over again.

Charli XCX


REFORM: The Macarena is set to be revived by Charli XCX and Dua Lipa

The cheesy Spanish 90s classic by mature duo Los Del Rio, which topped charts all over the world, is being revived by Dua Lipa and Charli XCX.

The party pals perform the novelty Benidorm banger whenever they go out together, and they’re targeting the charts next.

Charli told me: “I love Dua. We have this new thing – we do the Macarena to any song.


CHEESY: The Spanish 90s classic topped charts all over the world

“It’s our goal to bring the Macarena back in the charts”

Charli XCX

“It’s our new hobby, and we are hoping it goes viral.

“It’s our goal to bring the Macarena back in the charts.”

The girls certainly move better than Los Del Rio.

Dua did the Macarena this week to celebrate her 22nd birthday and her debut album reaching No1.

She threw a barbecue party with her friends and family.

And when Dua is not partying, and throwing some questionable shapes, she likes to play agony aunt to her 564,000 Twitter followers.

Dua told me: “The most important thing to me is the fans. We’ve become really close and I try to reach out to them as often as I can.”