Lingerie model entices man to do ‘topless kissing scene’ – as his girlfriend’s DAD watches

Lingerie model entices man to do ‘topless kissing scene’ – as his girlfriend’s DAD watches

A STUNNING “Victoria’s Secret” model seduced a man into performing a kissing scene – but he had no idea his girlfriend AND her furious dad were watching.

Simon Green


The woman and her old man wanted to prove that “there can be some faithful men in this world,” so enlisted the help of YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater.

Footage then showed the boyfriend being approached by blonde actress Jessica Stocker, posing as a Victoria’s Secret model.

She asks him if he could help her practice a “kissing skit”, but then checks if his “girlfriend would be okay with it”.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he responds – as his partner gasps in shock.

The pair exchange numbers before the scene cuts to the girlfriend and dad.

Tears start flowing at the realisation of what has just happened, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Footage taken a few days later shows the guilty bloke greeting Jessica at her house.

The blonde flirting


CAUGHT OUT: A dad was fuming as his daughter’s boyfriend flirted with a model

The blonde – wearing skimpy lingerie – explains her pal will be doing the kissing completely topless.

But as the boyfriend sits patiently waiting for the time of his life, his partner’s dad strolls in.

“What are you getting ready to do?” he says, before threatening: “I will drive this fist right up your a** if I could.”

His girlfriend then confronts him as he tries to flee the building.

The dad confronting the man


ANGRY: The dad threatened the man after watching his antics

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That awkward moment when you think you've chosen the most discreet spot

That awkward moment when you think you’ve chosen the most discreet spot

“Did you really go to this girl’s house to f*** her? You took my virginity you a*******”.

The clip has been seen more than 157,000 times since it was posted yesterday (December 11).

“That guy Daniel needed to think with his mind and not with his d***,” one wrote.

Another added: “Best dad ever.”

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