Liam Payne talks Cheryl collab, rave track with baby Bear, and stripping off

LIAM Payne has opened up about his debut solo album, revealing it’s jam-packed of collaborations – although will Cheryl be one of them?

Liam Payne

COMING SOON: Liam’s album is expected to drop this year

It seems while X Factor alumni Cheriam may love selfie-ing or working out together, they have zero plans to mix business and pleasure.


Liam explained: “People are always asking us when we’re going to do a song together.

“We’re just not those kinds of people. She’s very meticulous in what she does.”

The singer has however already teamed up with Quavo on Strip That Down and Zedd on Get Low, although according to the star that is just the tip of the iceberg.

And sitting down with Daily Star Online ahead of his secret performance for new Vodafone plan VOXI, Liam confirmed Charlie Puth is on the new record.

Liam Payne VOXI

SUPERSTAR: Liam performs at the VOXI launch in London

Liam revealed: “I was speaking to Charlie about the album today, he is a great guy.

“For me at the moment, is he one of the musicians who has the most potential.

“Someone like Pharrell [Williams] is already Pharrell but Charlie hasn’t quite reached that level yet.”

Revealing how the track came about, Cheryl’s baby-daddy added: “I went to his house and we messed around for a little while.

“He plays music on this little Casio keyboard next to his ear and then in minutes he’s got a song.”

Liam Payne

HEARTTHROB: Liam is one of the most loved singers in the world

“Nicki is for me, the best female rapper in the world at the moment”

Liam Payne on Nicki Minaj

Over the past few months, Liam’s album has been the talk of rumour mills, with reports claiming his son Bear Payne will make an appearance on the record thanks to The X Factor lad recording his heartbeat.

However, Liam exclusively revealed that while he did make the recording, it won’t be on the album.

“I haven’t been back to the studio where I recorded Bear’s heartbeat but I would like to do something,” he admitted.

“I was actually talking to them about it on the phone the other day.

“It’s difficult though, as when children are so tiny their heartbeats are quick so it is going to be the fastest rave song ever.

“It would be the most emotional rave song about my son.”

Liam Payne

DUET HEAVY: Liam’s album is jam-packed with collaborations

Though one rumour Liam is determined to make come true, is a duet with Nicki Minaj.

Gushing over the kooky gal, the 24-year-old said: “There’s talk of it happening.

“I don’t really know what’s going on with it at the moment.

“I have a song that I think she could really smash.

“I think it would be really really great – it was one of the first songs I wrote for the album actually.

“There is a little spot for her if she wants it.”

Nicki Minaj

DREAM COLLAB: Liam has the perfect song for Nicki to feature on

But it seems Liam can’t just pick up the phone and WhatsApp the star to ask her outright.

In fact, the matter is almost out of his control.

“I have to let the powers that be decide but we have already got some really great collaborations on the go,” he explained.

“There is a couple of other different ones which I can’t tell you about yet.

Liam Payne

FINGERS CROSSED: Liam wants Nicki Minaj on the album

“I love to collaborate with different people and get their take on things.

“Nicki is for me, the best female rapper in the world at the moment, there is no contest.

“I’d love her to be on the album.”

Despite the impending new music, don’t expect Liam to be hitting the road anytime soon.

Liam Payne

DROPPED: Bear’s heartbeat won’t be on the record

cheryl cole and liam payne

LOVEBIRDS: Cheryl and Liam Payne are now parents to baby Bear

While both Harry Styles and Niall Horan already confirming world tours, Liam appears to have ruled out a 2017 trek.

“I think we will have the album out first before I tour again,” he continued.

“I was last out of the blocks with my music when it comes to the rest of the lads.

“The thing is I wanted to take my time with it.

“I want to make sure it is perfect before hitting the ceiling so to speak.”

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Liam added: “I can’t wait to get back on the road again.

“Timing wise I guess I will be a bit later than everyone else.”

Liam’s first two singles have both been his most suggestive work yet, but that doesn’t mean the whole album will be full of sex-infused beats.

“It isn’t just going to be suggestive songs, there are some cuter songs on there as well but yeah, as I grow up my fans are growing as well,” he said.


ON THE ROAD? Liam won’t tour until next year

“I always say albums like Usher’s Confessions and Justin Timberlake’s Justified, I want to make that sort of an album for this generation as I don’t think anyone has done it for a little while.”

In fact, despite sharing a shirtless workout video on Instagram, Liam isn’t even planing on stripping off for his upcoming music videos.

“I was thinking about that,” Liam joked.

“I don’t want to become a stripper that wasn’t the plan.

Liam Payne

RIPPED: Liam shows off his impressive body

“I am enjoying working out and I like to take care of myself.

“It is something me and Chez both do.”

However, while Cheryl and Liam may love working out together they have zero plans to mix business and pleasure.

“People are always asking us when we’re going to do a song together,” he continued.

“We’re just not those kinds of people. She’s very meticulous in what she does.”