Leeds and Reading Festival 2017: Muse plot hit singles not albums

Leeds and Reading Festival 2017: Muse plot hit singles not albums

MUSE have warned their new music may be a while in coming.

Fans expected a fresh studio album after the band dropped one-off single Dig Down this year.

But drummer Dominic Howard revealed: “We’re working on ideas at the moment, actually, and we haven’t recorded anything else yet. But we’re gonna hopefully start recording soon towards the end of this year.”

Leeds and Reading festival headliners Muse reckon that more singles rather than an album may be how they release music in the future.



ALBUM SIDETRACKED: Muse plot hit singles for the future

He explained: “There’s a few other kinda early ideas, so we need to get together and flesh out the ideas and see what they are, but, you know, the ball’s rolling as far as, like, getting more tracks together and releasing an album.

“Whether we release another single – I’m sure we actually will”

Dominic Howard – Muse drummer

“Whether we release another single – I’m sure we actually will.”

Muse put on another dazzling display of pyrotechnics and cutting– edge visuals at their gigs.

“It’s always kind of huge, like, monolithic,” agreed Don.

Dominic Howard

LONG WAIT: ‘We’re gonna hopefully start recording towards the end of this year’ says Howard

“You know, projection screens that are constantly moving around the stage; it’s always, like, morphing and changing shape – pretty much every song and within the song – so it’s, yeah! It looks pretty awesome.”

A fresh dose of Muse could serve at Halloween.

Last year the trio wore black leather gear to cover The Cramps’ classic New Kind Of Rock.

Dom teased: “We need to see if we can pull it together this year. We have not done a Halloween gig for a while and I’m a fan of dressing up.

“We should try to book one in or we’ll do another song or we’ll do something.”



TRUMP BASHING: Eninem wants to move to Scotland because of his dissatisfaction with Trump

Effing Eninem

Eminem continued his Donald Trump bashing, rechristening the President “F***” while headlining at Reading.

The Detroit rapper, who wants to move to Scotland because of his dissatisfaction with Trump, told the crowd: “I don’t wanna cause any controversy so I won’t say any names but this motherf***er Donald Trump I can’t stand.

“So before I get into the next song we want to request something of you. “When I say, ‘F***, you say ‘Trump.’”

The crowd obliged as he launched into White America with actor fan Christian Bale watching from the side of the stage.



STEP UP: Topping Glastonbury has helped all other festivals reckon Kasabian

Kasabian on power Serge

Topping Glastonbury a few years ago helped all other festivals reckon Kasabian.

Serge Pizzorno, who snuck a cover of Nirvana’s All Apologies into their Leeds set, told me: “I feel like everything now is just pure bonus after Glasto. Usually when you get to where you’ve been striving to get to it’s like ‘I’m bored now’.

“But we’ve never sounded better. Everything else becomes easier, I don’t want this to end.

“There’s not enough time, you get one spin, things have gone OK, so let’s do more s**t and make things happen.”

The lads and pals wore T-shirts dedicated to Serge’s grandad Wilfred, who passed away recently.



80s FILMS: Libertines’ tour bus full of cheesy flicks not substances

The Libertines’ tour bus is not as debauched as you might imagine, says recent tour support Barns Courtney.

“I expected it to be very dark and full of drugs and hedonism. But being on that bus was hilarious and wonderful and full of music,” the indie newcomer said.

Instead of substances, the band got kicks from cheesy 80s films.

“I’d go to bed and I’d hear a knock on my door, it’s Gary saying ‘Barns! Barns! Wake up, we are watching Footloose!’” What became of the likely lads indeed!


Basttille hope their new studio will inspire an “apocalyptic rave” album.

Singer Dan Smith said: “We’ve been holding off until the studio was done… now we’re about to finish new music.

“I want to make an apocalyptic rave record. That Fight Club final frame, where they’re holding hands as the city collapses, there’s something nice about that image.”