Hollyoaks’ Ste to die in shock shooting following Amy Barnes murder trial?

Hollyoaks’ Ste to die in shock shooting following Amy Barnes murder trial?

STE Hay was shot in Hollyoaks moments after clearing his name.

Disaster struck for the troubled dad seconds after he was found not guilty of murdering former girlfriend Amy Barnes back in March.

Ste walked out of the docks and took his first steps towards freedom with his boyfriend Harry Thompson – who confessed to committing the crime – in his arms.

Relieved by the verdict, Ste said: “I can’t believe I’m out. What do we do now?”


SHOT: A bullet hit Ste square in the chest

But celebration quickly turned to devastation when Amy’s mum Kathy brandished a gun in the courthouse and shot Ste square in the chest.

As she pulled the trigger, she yelled: “This is for Amy.”

Ste dramatically collapsed to the ground, while friends and family members rushed to his side in panic.


SHOCK: Kathy pulled out a gun

Hollyoaks spoilers: Is Ste Hay dead?


HOSPITALISED: Ste was rushed to hospital

“This is for Amy”


Paramedics quickly arrived at the scene and took Ste to hospital.

Thankfully, the bullet managed to miss all of Ste’s vital organs and he regained consciousness – but viewers were then smacked with another massive plot twist.

After telling his kids Leah and Lucas that the police weren’t going to take him away and that he didn’t hurt their mummy, he said the real murderer needed to be locked up.

As soon as Ste’s children left his hospital bedside, he ended his relationship with Harry.

Ste sobbed: “How can I let you read bedtime stories to my kids knowing that the reason their mum isn’t there is you?

Ste and Harry

SPLIT: Ste called his relationship off with Harry

“I took a bullet for you, they could have been orphans.”

Fans aren’t convinced that Harry actually killed Amy, and instead believe either Kathy or serial killer Silas has something to do with it.

Someone please put us out our misery already.

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