Hollyoaks SHOCK as Amy Barnes killer revealed?

Hollyoaks SHOCK as Amy Barnes killer revealed?

STE Hay was found innocent of Amy Barnes’ murder in tonight’s shocking episode of Hollyoaks, but not all is what is seems as his trial draws to a close.

Ste, played by Kieron Richardson, is rejoicing his freedom with boyfriend Harry Thompson, with the pair sharing a passionate kiss after he is free to leave the court.

But as the pair canoodle, Amy’s mum Cathy Barnes appears in the courtroom, armed with a gun.

“This is for Amy!” she screamed, pulling the trigger and landing a bullet in Ste.

While Ste is rushed to hospital, viewers saw Kathy lead way by police, saying: “He should have died. That’s why his gun was on beach. I needed to right his wrong.”

Harry and Ste kiss Hollyoaks
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KISS: Harry and Ste are reunited

Kathy Barnes shoots Ste hollyoaks
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SHOOT: Kathy Barnes shoots Ste after the trial

While it looks as if it may be touch and go for fan favourite Ste, Tegan finds a panic stricken Harry, telling him the bullet missed his vital organs, meaning he’ll survive.

But not all is well for Ste and Harry – thinking his boyfriend really did kill Amy, Ste dumps him, saying he was unable to see the “killer” reading bedtime stories to his and Amy’s children.

However, with Ste being found innocent and Harry’s confession revealed to be a red herring, viewers are still guessing who’s Amy’s killer.

As tonight’s episode drew to a close, viewers see a flashback of the night Amy was killed.

Ste hollyoaks
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OVER: Ste dumps Harry as he “murdered” Amy

Amy sees her murderer
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KILLER: Amy sees her murderer

After she’s pushed by Harry, Amy wakes up.

As she checks her phone to see one voicemail message, a shadowy figure walks in, with Amy looking terrified.

Is this her real killer?

Meanwhile, viewers have their own thoughts on who killed Amy – with dodgy James the front runner on Twitter.

Hollyoaks continues weeknights at 6.30 on Channel 4.