Holly Willoughby in hysterics as Phillip Schofield suffers X-rated injury

Holly Willoughby in hysterics as Phillip Schofield suffers X-rated injury

THEY say you should never work with animals or children.

But Phillip Schofield often sits opposite both on This Morning alongside his co-host Holly Willoughby.

This week, they introduced the newest member of the television family, their new puppy Digby.

The adorable dog returned to the show again today, though Phil was probably wishing he wasn’t.

The hosting duo were excited that he sat down on their command, but Phillip’s smile soon changed.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield


HYSTERICS: Holly Willoughby burst out laughing at Phil Schofield’s injury

ITV This Morning

CUTE: Phil and Holly welcomed the new This Morning puppy

“That puppy’s just caught me in the nads”

Phillip Schofield

When they returned from after the ad break, the silver fox was sat wincing in agony.

For viewers wondering what was wrong, he quickly revealed the issue, saying: “That puppy’s just caught me in the nads.”

As Holly burst out laughing, she told him: “I noticed that! Are you OK?”

Ever the professional, Phil soon regained his composure and carried on hosting the show.

ITV This Morning

GOOD BOY: The hosts were happy that Digby sat down

Straight after the faux-pas, he introduced a segment about his South African Adventure.

He revealed that one of the white rhinos he’d tranquillised and tagged had given birth and was in need of a name.

Holly suggested Schofe, Phil, Phillip or Pip, but he was having none of it, instead wanting to choose a more cultured name.

ITV This Morning

HILARIOUS: Phil winced in pain at the dog injury

Elsewhere in today’s episode, Holly and Phil met a record breaking model, Ekaterina Lisina.

The Russian was the holder of a number of records, including World’s Tallest Model and Biggest Female Feet in Russia.

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