Emmerdale spoilers: Did unhinged Nell Fairfax murder Holly Barton?

EMMERDALE fans were shocked to see Nell Fairfax be exposed last night.

Jai Sharma finally discovered that Nell had been spinning a bunch of lies since her arrival earlier this year.

Lashing out at his girlfriend after realising her pregnancy had been a con, Jai dumped Nell for good.

But Nell’s story is far from over, as she could be seen sneaking up on Moira Dingle as she worked on the farm.

Nell Fairfax in Emmerdale

SUSPICIOUS: Fans were wary of Nell as soon as she arrived in the Dales

But what has happened to Nell to make her act so bizarrely?

Watching the episode last night, fans have come up with a creepy theory.

They took to social media to claim that Nell may have accidentally killed Moira’s daughter and Jai’s ex Holly Barton.

Holly Barton in Emmerdale

SHOCK DEATH: Moira was devastated when Holly overdosed on heroin

Nell Fairfax in Emmerdale

EXPOSED: Jai finally discovered Nell’s lies last night

Holly died of a heroin overdose last year, devastating the Barton family.

Before Jai managed to work out what Nell was up to, he discovered some cut outs of articles about Holly’s death.

One fan said: “Nell killed Holly saying it now! Wanted her life, wanted her man and now she wants her mum.”

Nell Fairfax in Emmerdale

MURDERER: Did Nell kill Holly last year?

Another added: “Did Nell know Holly…. Maybe she gave her the drugs & feel guilty, so is almost trying to replace her.”

A third wrote: “Nell 100% killed Holly.”

Let’s hope Jai can make Nell leave the Dales before she causes even more damage.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.