Emmerdale’s Nell Fairfax in epic wardrobe blunder

Emmerdale’s Nell Fairfax in epic wardrobe blunder

NELL Fairfax has seriously riled Emmerdale viewers tonight.

Last night she told boyfriend Jai Sharma that they’re expecting a baby.

And as the pair woke up in bed together the following morning, viewers spotted that the recovering addict was still wearing her choker.

The necklace has been Nell’s staple accessory since she joined the soap in March, and fans are now convinced the 23-year-old has never lived a day without it wrapped around her neck.

Nell and Jai

SPOTTED: Nell woke up with a choker on

Eagle-eyed viewers swarmed Twitter to point out the epic clothing gaffe, which begged the question, did she really wake up like this?

One person pointed out: “Anyone notice that girl in Emmerdale ‘woke up’ with her choker on?”

“Does that choker stop Nell’s head falling off or something? The f***** is never off,” observed another.

Nell and Jai Emmerdale

BOMBSHELL: The pair talked about their future baby


OUTRAGE: Fans were quick to point out the blunder

“Anyone notice that girl in Emmerdale ‘woke up’ with her choker on?”


A third slammed: “Who the hell goes to bed wearing a choker?”

“God I wish Nell will get rid of that stupid choker,” continued one.

This isn’t the first time the ITV soap has been slapped in the face with a blunder this month.

Nell Emmerdale spoilers


STAPLE ACCESSORY: Has Nell ever taken the necklace off?

Last week, Rebecca White seriously annoyed viewers when they realised the seven-months-pregnant resident didn’t have a bump.

Elsewhere, Sam Dingle was branded insensitive after he made a joke about Britain’s Got Talent dog Pudsey – who died two months ago.

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