EastEnders’ Steven Beale death sparks major confusion: ‘How did he die?’

STEVEN Beale died in the aftermath of the gas explosion on EastEnders, and fans are seriously confused as to how.

While many viewers thought that Johnny Carter would lose his life after being shot by new neighbour Ted Murray, it was the eldest Beale son who passed away.

Steven was rushed to hospital after he was pushed against a kitchen surface by Max Branning in the restaurant fire during Thursday night’s explosive episode.

Luckily he made it out of the inferno and was carted off to A&E where it looked like he was due to make a full recovery.

Steven and Abi

UNEXPECTED: Steven suffered a cardiac arrest

Him and his bit-on-the-side Abi Branning even had an emotional chat about their unborn baby and confessed their love for one another.

But moments later Steven suffered a cardiac arrest and doctors failed to resuscitate him.

Some fans felt Steven’s death was his just desserts, considering his repeated lies about his brain tumour and his attempts to kill Jane Beale but many were seriously confused.

BBC EastEnders Steven Beale dead


SHOCK: Doctors couldn’t resuscitate Steven

Twitter reactions

REACTIONS: Fans are seriously confused by his death

“How did Steven even die? He was pushed into the corner of the kitchen unit”


Viewers up and down the country were baffled by his shock death and didn’t understand how being clipped in the chest by a work surface killed him off.

One person tweeted: “How the f did Steven die? He’s the one who started the fire and got out.”

“How the hell can Steven be dead when Jane was left in a burning building for an hour?” asked another.

A third chimed: “How did Steven even die? He was pushed into the corner of the kitchen unit.”

Steven Beale

TRAGIC: Steven was pushed into a kitchen unit by Max

This isn’t the first time Steven’s been the centre of an EastEnders blunder.

Just last month, audiences slammed the character – played by Aaron Sidwell – for leaving his canine anti-inflammatory tablets in plain sight for step-mum Jane Beale to see.

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