EastEnders spoilers: Fi Browning’s secret dad finally revealed?

EastEnders spoilers: Fi Browning’s secret dad finally revealed?

EASTENDERS fans have been doing some digging into Fi Browning.

She has been surrounded by mystery since she came onto the soap earlier this year.

Last week Fi baffled fans after flirting with colleague Mick Carter before calling Josh Hemmings, Lauren Branning’s boss.

Some speculated that she is actually Josh’s fiancée Imogen after she asked him if he “wanted to have some fun with her”.

Lisa Faulkner in EastEnders

WHO’S THE DADDY?: Why is Fi lying to Mick about her father?

Lisa Faulkner in EastEnders

SECRETS: Fi told Mick that her father is dead

But last night, Fi confused viewers further as she was seen making a phone call to a mystery person.

After telling Mick her father died, she then referred to the person on the other end of the phone as Dad.

Fans now think that Fi is Josh’s sister, and their dad is the owner of Weyland & Co, who Max Branning has been scheming with.

Ted Murray in EastEnders

SECRET FATHER?: Has Ted been keeping Fi a secret from the Square?

One fan said: “Got it all worked out (I think).. Josh and Fi are siblings, their dad is the chairman of Weyland, Max and Fi work together.”

Another added: “Is Fi the daughter of Max’s big boss who is also the boss of Loren’s admirer? He was in prison with Max…”

However, some viewers think that Fi is actually the daughter of Ted Murray, who was seen accidentally shooting Johnny Carter last night, after she rang him to tell him about Johnny’s condition.

Weyland in EastEnders

MYSTERIOUS: Fans don’t know anything about the shady Weyland

One said: “I have a feeling Fi and max are a thing, Fi’s mum and dad are ted and joyce is it? And Josh is her fling.”

Another annoyed viewer added: “Josh is Fi’s brother. Fi is Ted’s daughter. Ted is an annoying t**t.”

So much mystery…

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC.