EastEnders’ Jane Beale burned alive?

HAS Jane Beale been given the chop in EastEnders?

She took cover in the restaurant when Monday’s gas explosion rocked Albert Square, only for it to be cruelly torched by stepson Steven.

The savage attack – which was planned because Jane discovered Steven’s fake brain tumour and Max Branning’s secret revenge plot to overrule Walford – took another turn when Max entered the premises to make sure Jane would die.

Paralysed Jane begged Max for her life: “I won’t tell anyone anything, you can be the hero here.”


EVIL: Max went into the restaurant to make sure Jane would perish

Max replied: “You always think you’re one set ahead don’t you?

“Clever little Jane, working it all out. You know when I was in prison for months on end, nothing else to think about, it took over my mind…. the people who put me there.”

Jane interrupted: “I tried to save you.”

EastEnders will Jane die?


DESPERATE: Jane begged Max for her life


NASTY: Max grabbed a fire blanket, wrapped it round him, and ran out

“I won’t tell anyone anything, you can be the hero here”

Jane Beale

“No I don.t think you did,” retorted Max.

“You knew the truth Jane, and you stood there and you watched as I was dragged off. And now it’s my turn. I want to drag you all down, one by one.”

As Jane’s situation grew more and more desperate, she slammed: “You’re not a murderer.

“You are better than this.”

And just when she thought she’d managed to convince Max to save her, he opened the fire door to let the inferno rip through into the kitchen.


PARALYSED: Will the fire brigade reach Jane in time?

Max wrapped a fire blanket around himself and ran out of the burning building, leaving Jane on a heap in the floor surrounded by smoke.

Will the fire brigade manage to save Jane or will she perish?

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