EastEnders incest? Bernadette and Keanu reignite baby daddy drama

DID EastEnders’ Bernadette Taylor lie about who the father of her kid was?

The pregnant teen was left devastated last night when she discovered she lost her baby in the aftermath of the Albert Square gas explosion.

Bernadette found out she was expecting back in July, and before she revealed that the baby daddy was her classmate Calum, viewers were convinced her brother Keanu planted his seed.

But now the incest rumour mill has been reignited.


HEARTBREAKING: Bernie lost her baby at 18 weeks

When Bernie – played by Clair Norris – found out she’d lost the baby, she told her mum who explained to eldest son Keanu the heartbreaking news.

While Bernie was locked away in the family bathroom in a state of shock and mourning her loss, her brother looked in pieces stood just outside.

Clearly upset by the news of his sister’s miscarriage, but too scared to sit disturb her, he opted to send her a heartfelt text.

The text

EYEBROW RAISING: Keanu text his sister this message

EastEnders Bernadette and Keanu


INCEST: Some fans are convinced that Keanu was the dad of Bernie’s baby

“Keanu cried a bit too hard at the miscarriage to not be the father of the baby”


Keanu proved to a man of few words and simply wrote: “Love you.”

A huge smile fell over Bernie’s face as she received the message – leading viewers to land right back where they started with the identity of the kid’s father.

One person tweeted: “The text! I don’t get Keanu and Bernadette…something isn’t right.”

“Keanu cried a bit too hard at the miscarriage to not be the father of the baby,” continued another.

A third bragged: “Still stand by my word that Keanu was Bernadette’s baby daddy.”


REACTIONS: Viewers think there’a something going on between Bernie and her brother

Bernie and Calum

COUPLE: Bernie revealed that Calum was the baby’s dad

Other EastEnders fans shot down the claims that the sibling relationship is closer than it should be.

“Keanu sending Bernadette that text was the sweetest thing. He’s got a big heart,” said one.

Was Bernie leading us and Calum down the garden path?

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