Cheryl ‘did watch Sarah Harding in Celebrity Big Brother’ and found it heartbreaking

CHERYL did watch her former bandmate Sarah Harding in Celebrity Big Brother this year, according to Paul Danan.

Sarah, who ended up winning the whole series, spoke little about Cheryl and her other ex-bandmates.

But from what she did say, it seems that Sarah doesn’t keep in touch with the girls, bar Nadine.

Nadine was the only girl from the group to talk about Sarah’s win on the night, fuelling rumours that the band had fallen out.

Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother
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STRUGGLING: Sarah seemed very vulnerable in the house

But Paul Danan, who was in the house with Sarah, revealed that Cheryl did in fact watch her.

He said to The Sun: “Cheryl watched a little bit, [Liam Payne] said. She didn’t watch loads. She didn’t watch it all.

Liam didn’t tell Paul the reason why Cheryl decided to switch off, but Paul thinks he knows why.

Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother

NOT SPEAKING: Sarah admitted she finds it hard to keep contact with Cheryl and the others

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FORMER FRIENDS: Cheryl and Sarah used to be very close

He added: “I suppose she didn’t want to see Sarah in the way Sarah was, because it was heartbreaking.

“To see someone very vulnerable and not in the best of shape and Big Brother can do that to someone – make them even worse.”

Sarah was recently cut off during her chat on Loose Women as she discussed her drinking in CBB.

Cheryl on The X Factor

TUNING IN: Paul Danan claimed that Cheryl did watch Sarah in the house

She had been telling the women that her fellow housemates tried to “twist it” to make it look like she was drinking more than she was.

Loose Women continues today at 12.30pm on ITV.