Celebrity Big Brother’s Jordan Davies reignites Chris and Kem feud: ‘They’re a joke’

JORDAN Davies is not happy with Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay.

A war was waged between the lads after the Celebrity Big Brother contestant and his bezzie Made In Chelsea mate Sam Thompson were slammed by the Love Island couple of the year.

Kem kicked off the huge Tiffany Watson…whoops we mean tiff… when he accused Jordan Davies and Sam of copying their bromance in the CBB compound.

And now Jordan has fought back, exclusively telling Daily Star Online that he’s still hurt.

Jordan Davies and Love Island's Chris and Kem


FEUD: Their row began when Kem slammed Sam and Jordan on Twitter

He started: “I was gutted because I’d met Sam [Thompson] before and we already knew each other. It wasn’t like we’d never met, which maybe people didn’t understand.

“I watched Chris and Kem on Love Island and I was supporting them the whole way.

“I even went to Kem’s BooHoo event before I found out and I was like ‘Wow, I’m going to your events, supporting your products, and you’re s******* me off?’

Sam and Jordan

BROMANCE: Sam and Jordan grew even closer in CBB

Sam and Jordan

‘GUTTED’: Jordan said the dig was completely unexpected

“Bromance started way before Chris and Kem, so is no one else allowed a bromance now because of Chris and Kem?”

Jordan Davies

“It was really weird because we just didn’t expect it. I was always nice about them.”

The Ex On The Beach heartthrob continued: “To come out of the Big Brother house and find out they were s******* me and Sam off, saying we were copying them was a joke.

“Bromance started way before Chris and Kem, so is no one else allowed a bromance now because of Chris and Kem?

“We weren’t copying those two. We’re in the house, and when you’re in there you need someone you can bounce off.

Chris and Kem

BEZZIES: Chris and Kem became the Love Island couple of the year

“I spent a lot of time with Sam because he was the only other young guy in there with me. Obviously we’re going to get along an we’re in the same industry and we’ve got the same mates and that.”

Jordan added: “What was the need for it? It was a bit disappointing.”

Will this foursome ever be able to heal their wounds and join forces? They’d be the ultimate ladykillers, let’s be honest…