CBB’s Jemma Lucy teeters on total exposure going commando in see-through dress

CELEBRITY Big Brother star Jemma Lucy is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jemma Lucy

BUXOM: Jemma shows off her killer assets

The vixen has been at the centre of countless bust-ups while in the TV house – often dropping just about every swear word under the sun.

So the live final was never going to be controversy-free.

As she left the house alongside Chad, Jemma was met with a mixed reaction from the live audience.

Not one to let things slide, the tattooed babe flipped the bird to the excited crowd.

Dressed in a plunging back number, the MTV gal left almost nothing to the imagination as she strutted her stuff on the stage.

Featuring a large sheer panels, the outfit left Jem exposed at just about every angle.

Jemma Lucy

X-RATED: Jem left little to the imagination

Not only did the front barely cover her lady garden, but the back also left her booty on show.

Addressing her racy outfit, the star laughed: “It’s a bit dangerous.”

Chatting to Emma Willis during her eviction interview, Jemma said: “I expected it to be diffent to shows that I have been on – I didn’t have any exes for a start.

Jemma Lucy and Chad

OUT: Jemma and Chad left the house together

“But speaking frankly, I didn’t really know what to expect if I’m honest.”

“I didn’t want to try and be some perfect character, I just wanted to be Jemma.

“I know after a drink I can be aggressive in my manner and I want to tone it down even more.”