Big Brother Sarah Harding’s mystery boyfriend revealed

Big Brother Sarah Harding’s mystery boyfriend revealed

CELEBRITY Big Brother is almost over.

Sarah Harding

DRAMA: Sarah has dominated headlines since entered the CBB house

By the end of the night, the Big Brother clan will be in the real world and facing the consequences of their actions.


And nobody has drummed up as much controversy as Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

Despite claiming she wasn’t going to flirt with anyone in the house, the singer quickly fell for American hunk Chad Johnson.

Aaron Sarah Harding boyfriend

HERE HE IS: Aaron is Sarah’s secret boyfriend

However, her co-stars were less than impressed to discover she had a secret boyfriend-of-four-weeks on the outside world.

Trying to keep the mystery man under wraps, Sarah refused to name him.

Though hours before the final, he has been identified as High Wycombe-based plasterer Aaron Lacey.

SArah Harding and Chad

LOVED UP: Sarah cheated on Aaron with Chad

Sarah Harding and Chad

REAL DEAL? Sarah and Chad have been accused of having a showmance

Chatting about Sarah’s antics, a pal of Aaron’s said: “He’s heartbroken. He fell for her.

“They were inseparable. He supported her going on Celebrity Big Brother and watched nightly.”

They added to The Sun: “He’s devastated she went behind his back.”

The publication revealed that Sarah and Aaron met in a bar before quickly growing close.

During Thursday’s highlight show, Sarah shocked the nation after openly bragging about fondling Chad’s manhood while in the house.

After denying they had sex, the BRIT award continued: “We have obviously had a grope.

“He has a semi every morning and I give it a rub.

“I’ve just been rubbing… having a feel.”

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