Big Brother’s Sarah and Jemma snog AGAIN in steamiest girl-on-girl action yet

IT’S not just Chad Johnson that Sarah Harding can’t keep her hands off…

A game of Simon Says turned X-rated when former housemate Paul Danan came back into the compound.

Clearly suffering with an extreme case of the horn, he ordered Jemma Lucy and Sarah Harding to make out.

Paul demanded: “Danan says Sarah and Jemma must kiss until I say stop.”

Before jumping up to do the deed, the Girls Aloud singer yelled: “Not again, not again.”

Jemma Lucy and  Sarah Harding kiss


RACY: This was the second time Jemma and Sarah locked lips

Paul then made a sleazy jibe: “Make it a good one.”

“You little s***,” Sarah sniped, before launching into a raunchy game of tonsil tennis with her frenemy.

The two housemates locked lips – much to Chad Johnson’s dismay as he looked on with a face like a slapped arse.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Sarah then pulled away and snarled: “I hate you Paul.”

Jemma and Sarah kiss

STEAMY: The ladies didn’t hold back

Paul Danan

SLEEZY: Paul demanded that the girls make-out

“Sarah and Jemma must kiss until I say stop”

Paul Danan

But then Paul dropped the ultimate bombshell.

He started: “The thing is, you didn’t actually have to do that because I only said ‘Danan’ I didn’t say ‘Dangerous Danan’.

“This is ‘Dangerous Danan says.'”

Sarah then stuck her middle finger up at Paul and yelled: “You’re a clever b******.”

Sarah and Jemma

INTIMATE: They were ordered to “make it a good one”

There must be something in the water tonight as Big Brother descended into smut.

Jemma flashed her naked bod to bezzie mate Sam Thompson and Sarah confessed to ‘rubbing’ Chad…

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