Andrea McLean’s VERY low-cut dress sends fans into meltdown ‘Bit revealing there’

LOOSE Women fans couldn’t believe Andrea McLean’s choice of dress on the show today.

The presenter opted for a strappy white dress with a floral pattern and cut-out long sleeves that showed off her shoulders.

As she strutted onto the set today, fans couldn’t help but notice that her dress left very little to the imagination in the chest area.

Andrea clearly doesn’t want to say goodbye to summer as she rocked the flirty dress, while the other women wore high-necked tops.

Andrea McLean on Loose Women

LOW CUT: Andrea showed off her cleavage during the competition today

Fans took to social media to comment on Andrea’s risqué choice of outfit.

One said: “Oft, bit revealing there Andrea – thought we were going to see your ta-ta’s up close for a moment.”

Another added: “Why does Andrea dress so sexily? Doesn’t look like an average daytime attire compared to the other women.”

Andrea McLean on Loose Women

NOTICED: Fans complimented Andrea on her choice of dress today

Andrea McLean on Loose Women

SUMMERY: Andrea ditched her autumn wardrobe for a floral dress

A third wrote: “Might watch Loose Women to see if Andrea’s t*ts fall out. Could be entertaining.

A fourth chipped in: “Andrea is showing a lot more skin than usual.”

Andrea was also brought to tears by Saira Khan today – what an eventful day for her. 

Andrea McLean on Loose Women

LOOKING GOOD: Fans compared Andrea with her other panellists

The panellists were left shocked as Saira brutally made her feelings about having best friends clear.

Don’t worry Andrea, it looks like you’ve just gained a ton of fans.

Loose Women continues tomorrow at 12.30pm on ITV.