Amy Macdonald speaks out against ‘flawed’ streaming charts

Amy Macdonald speaks out against ‘flawed’ streaming charts

AMY Macdonald has spoken out about the controversial decision of the UK charts to incorporate streaming into the Top 40.

The Scottish star is currently celebrating an impresive 12million record sales, a decade after releasing her debut album This Is The Life.

And she shows no sign of slowing down.


Her fourth album Under The Stars reached no2 earlier this year and was met with critical acclaim.

Though since Amy broke into the industry, a lot has changed.

Amy MacDonald

FLASH BACK: Amy rose to fame in 2007

CD sales have slowly declined as YouTube plays and streaming have skyrocketed.

In June 2014, the UK charts announced they would count song streams as well as CD sales for the first time ever.

But while adapting to how fans listen to music can only be welcomed, the decision wasn’t taken lightly.

And many stars such as Taylor Swift, Thom Yorke and Radiohead have all clashed with music giant Spotify – claiming the service is damaging the industry.

Amy MacDonald

SPEAKING OUT: Amy says streaming chart could be improved

Now Amy has addressed her concerns with online music – admitting things need to be improved.

Chatting backstage to Daily Star Online ahead of her intimate London gig, Amy said: “I think the industry changes so much every single year.

“Every time I have put an album out there has been a massive change and this time especially because streaming has become a big part of the industry.

“I think streaming is great, it opens up your music to people who might never have found you otherwise, but I still think the model is slightly flawed.”

Amy MacDonald

STRIPPING IT BACK: Amy played an intimate gig in London this week

“Streaming pretty much dictates the charts and I think there are ways to make it work better”

Amy Macdonald

“Streaming pretty much dictates the charts and I think there are ways to make it work better,” she continued.

“Everyone say ‘oh the charts don’t really matter so much any more,’ but I think it is something we have all grown up with and to preserve that as much as we can would be a good thing.”

And Amy even revealed she has her own idea of how the charts can incorporate streaming fairly.

She explained: “An easy idea is just to do stream on particular users.

“Right now if you stream a record 100 times that counts as 100 sales.

“Nobody follows you home when you buy a CD and says ‘right you have played that 1000 times,’ which is essentially what happens with streaming.

“Every time it is played it counts even if it is from the same person.”

Ed SHeeran VMA

DOMINATION: Ed Sheeran had 16 songs in the UK Top 20

Amy added: “They have all the data, it is very easy to just count one person as one sale.”

Most noticeably, in March this year Ed Sheeran dominated the charts thanks to his third album Divide.

He managed to nab 16 spots in the Top 20 all thanks to continual streaming of his 16-track record, sparking up the debate once more if streaming is helping or hindering the music industry.